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What is a Virtual Terminal And
What Are It's Advantages?

A Virtual Terminal is a secure browser-based program that allows users to process credit card payments with ease. It’s just like a physical POS device, but it’s online, so that means an internet-connected device like a phone, tablet or computer can be used.

Virtual Terminals are best for call centers, small retailers and contractors on the go. By giving your customers options to process payments by credit card without a physical device being present opens up your business to a whole new world!

The biggest advantages to using a Virtual Terminal, are the cost and time savings. Since you don’t have a physical device, the costs are dramatically reduced as well ease of use. Sending a link to your customers in an email, so that they can transact helps your business save time, accurate CRM details, transactions resolving immediately, as well as integration into many custom and prepackaged software systems.



Having multiple users while maintaining very secure settings is no issue for the Virtual Terminal. It is equipped with the most up to date technology in fraud protection.  Businesses can focus on customer satisfaction while reducing costs and saving time.

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